We have already suffered two downgrades by international ratings agencies, with another one putting us on warning. The politics of our country has gone into accusatory mode, with most people in the ruling ANC eyeing the elective conference of the party in December, where a new leadership will be elected. All political parties are also looking forward to the national elections in 2019 and positioning themselves in the best possible way. At a time of crisis, it is important to have safeguards and a plan. The Constitution is our safeguard. The National Development Plan is our plan. The Constitution, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of its adoption last December and its implementation in February, acts as the conscience of the nation as we navigate troubled times. Yet we need to have an idea of where we are heading and the NDP is our guide.

The NDP is still the only viable plan to produce a much-improved South Africa by the year 2030. Critics have been quick to point out its shortcomings, but have not been able to come up with realistic alternatives. The NDP was drawn up by the National Planning Commission, a group of independent experts under the leadership of former Minister of Finance and Minister of Planning, Trevor Manuel. Since the NDP was adopted almost unanimously by political parties, business and civil society in 2012, there is a perception that not much has happened. But this is not the case.

The NDP today forms the backbone of everything that government is doing. All government plans are informed by and meant to ensure the successful implementation of the NDP. Communication is the one thing that has not been up to standard. The Vision 2030 Summit and Awards is one way of plugging the information gap. Through our annual gatherings and publications, we help to promote the work done by government and the private sector, with regards to pursuing the aims of the NDP. It is important, especially in a situation where we are surrounded by frequently bad news, to inform citizens of the good things that are happening and which are moving our country forward.

Ryland Fisher
Editorial Director
Topco Media
May 2017

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