The National Development Plan (NDP) aims to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality by focusing on growing an inclusive economy, building state capacity, improving education and healthcare, and society in general. While these broad terms sound good in theory, what are the concrete goals – in practice? In this blog series, we’ll look at each of the focus areas of the NDP, outlined in chapters 3 to 14 of the plan. Read part one – The NDP and the economy here.

Building a developmental state and fighting corruption

Chapters 13 and 14 of the NDP focus on the role of the state in transforming South Africa.

  • Build a state that is capable of playing a developmental and transformative role
  • Create a public service immersed in the developmental agenda
  • Ensure that the public service is insulated from political interference
  • Employ competent, experiences staff at all levels
  • Give staff the authority and support they need to do their jobs effectively
  • Take a proactive approach to managing the intergovernmental system to improve relations between the national, provincial and local spheres of government
  • Establish clear governance structures and stable leadership to enable state-owned enterprises to achieve their developmental potential
  • Build a corruption-free society with a high adherence to ethics throughout
  • Ensure that government is accountable to its people

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