The National Development Plan (NDP) aims to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality by focusing on growing an inclusive economy, building state capacity, improving education and healthcare, and society in general. While these broad terms sound good in theory, what are the concrete goals – in practice? In this blog series, we’ll look at each of the focus areas of the NDP, outlined in chapters 3 to 14 of the plan.

The economy, trade and employment

Chapters 3, 4 and 7 of the NDP focus on the economy, employment, economic infrastructure and trade.


  • Create 11 million jobs to reduce unemployment to 6% by 2030
  • Increase gross domestic product (GDP) by 2.7 times in real terms, with GDP per capita rising to R110 000
  • Broaden ownership of assets to historically disadvantaged groups.
  • Grow exports by 6% per year
  • Increase intra-regional trade to 25% of trade by 2030
  • Grow trade with neighbouring countries from 15% to 30%
  • Increase national savings to 25% of GDP
  • Have 2 million people in public employment programmes by 2030
  • Gross fixed capital formation (the amount of capital accumulated) to rise to 10% of GDP by 2030
  • Ensure at least 90% of people have access to electricity by 2030
  • Build enough infrastructure to provide an additional 29 000MW of electricity by 2030
  • At least 20 000MW of this is to come from renewables
  • Reduce water demand in urban areas
  • Dramatically increase the number of people using public transport for regular commutes
  • Increase Durban port capacity to 3 million containers
  • Make competitively priced broadband widely available

In our next installment of this series, we’ll take a look environmental sustainability and resilience.

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