The crucial ‘white paper’ on where South Africa is going

The spirit of Vision 2030 – initially endorsed in 2014 by the National Planning Commission – is to make South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP)  accessible to all South Africans; to disseminate key insights on the way forward from leading figures driving development from within both the private and public sector (including Trevor Manuel, Elias Masilela, Christo Wiese and Rob Davies) and to unite all stakeholders behind a practical, achievable roadmap for building the South Africa envisaged by the NDP.

Through its detailed yet accessible content, Vision 2030 aims to:

Clarify the impact of the NDP on South African society

Resolve the ambiguity of the need for private sector investment for state infrastructure products.

Show what potential investors require from infrastructure projects in order to encourage investment

Reflect on the latest projects and policies that are helping to make the NDP a success

Make the NDP accessible and understandable for all South Africans and potential investors

Position the NDP as a South African plan, not a government plan

Raise awareness of the NDP and unite the entire nation behind its push for prosperity

Vision 2030’s editorial focus areas

  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Inclusive Development
  • Unsustainable Resource
  • Intensive
  • Economy
  • Public Health System
  • Corruption

Essential reading whichever way you look at it From a public sector perspective:

Vision 2030 details how organisations are aligning themselves with the NDP; profiles potential projects requiring investment; showcases projects currently underway; speaks directly to potential investors, and enhances understanding of the NDP across government.

From a private sector perspective:
Outlines investment opportunities; encourages organisations to align with vital sectors of the economy and become part of the national solution; stimulates new business growth and raises the profile of participating organisations.

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