With the elections held, the President sworn in and Cabinet elected, South Africa stands at a point of both considerable opportunity and challenge to liberate its remarkable potential. On one hand, our challenges are significant and widespread, with the Zuma years having cost us in terms of economic stability, service delivery and investor confidence. On the other, there has never been more at stake, given our country’s immense potential and the unique window to turn things around. Core to unlocking this potential is the ability to create dignified jobs and foster inclusive economic development. It has become clear that the public sector cannot do this alone – meeting the goals of the National Development Plan (a 61% increase in the number of jobs by 2030), requires collaboration from the private sector. Our belief is that corporate South Africa is well-equipped to build the country, but that it comes down to a question of attitude – attitude drives fundamentals, not the other way around. And core to a nation-building attitude is positive leadership.

Read the full article in the 4th edition of Vision 2030, out this November.

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