The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate. On any given day we have access to more information and technology than our predecessors experienced in a lifetime. We’re entering an unprecedented era of collaboration and access to information. Business models are being overturned and assumptions about how the world works are being challenged as new businesses emerge and disrupt the status quo. Traditional boundaries are being blurred as new technologies promote change and opportunity, encouraging us to find new paradigms for better navigating this new world.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is ushering in a new era of emerging technologies that is allowing us to reshape our entire world – and ourselves within it. Organisations that are able to leverage these technologies will have the opportunity to weave themselves into a new digital society. In South Africa, and across the continent, the imperative to transform is urgent.

Emerging Technology enabled by the 4IR is a key component of a digital business environment and is a game-changer that deserves immediate attention. The 4IR will transform the way we live and work like never before. But in South Africa, where the adoption of emerging technologies has been sluggish, a troubling question lingers: will the country be left behind in the transformation propelled by the 4IR?

Read more about the opportunities the 4IR presents for Africa in the fourth edition of Vision 2030.

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