Our vision is that by 2030 state institutions are well-run and effectively coordinated, managed by professionals committed to the public good and capable of delivering consistently high-quality services, and working for economic growth and reduced poverty and inequality.

“The aim of the Vision 2030 Summit is to provide a platform for members of the Presidency, key government dignitaries and private sector leaders, to share insights, engage and discuss the vision for the National Development Plan. It highlights key aspects around Vision 2030 and how key organisations and individuals can contribute to make it a reality,” says Ryland Fisher, Editorial Director at Topco Media.

The reformation of state-owned entities was one of the key themes in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s maiden State of the Nation Address, and the good governance thereof is essential in responding to South Africa’s economic growth and development changes, as well as diversifying revenue streams in order to strengthen our economy.

In light of that, ABSA is sponsoring this topical breakaway session entitled, “State-owned Entities: Catalysts for Economic Reformation” at the 2018 Vision 2030 Summit.

“While each state-owned entity arguably faces a unique set of circumstances related to the need for restructuring; revitalisation or efficiencies in governance, healthy SOEs continue to be essential drivers of economic development and growth in a country. Mr Pravin Gordhan, as Minister of Public Enterprises, offers hope in this regard with the strategic, sweeping changes planned for the sector.”
Anyone interested in engaging in dialogue around the reformation, stabilisation and revitalisation of SOEs is encouraged to attend this breakaway session.

To book your attendance at the Vision2030 Summit, please contact rose.setshoge@topco.co.za or call 086 000 9590.

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