• Construction and infrastructure development (sponsored by Basil Read) – 2030 is only 13 years away. Time is not on our side. Planning, or lack thereof, is a key roadblock to being where we should be. Our road network is good but needs to be better. Funding is a key issue – if needs be we should borrow– South Africa has a 60% debt ratio to GDP. We need to get moving – we need to build, we can build, we need the bricks and mortar.

• Advanced manufacturing – sponsored by Aerosud The key message that came from this session was that we have the technologies ready to implement today. South Africa is building world class products for export – and execution is the name of the game.

• Healthcare – sponsored by SANBS South Africa has the highest degree of genetic diversity in the world. We suffer from a quadruple burden of disease and an AIDS epidemic. How do we turn these disasters into opportunities? We will become the epicentre of research in the world and if the HIV virus can be used to defeat Leukaemia then we can defeat poverty and inequality and achieve Vision 2030.

• ICT – sponsored by SENTECH

How can we drive SMME development in ICT? We need:
o A centralised database
o Personalised incubators
o Policy which does not inhibit growth
o Collaboration
o Relook at procurement policies
o Research and development Execution is about focus and follow through.

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