Priorities that will encourage the economy to recover and thrive.

Despite the remarkable progress we have made since 1994, the economy has recently stalled. We are not creating the jobs we need, poverty remains high, investment has fallen and confidence is low. In part, this is because of the slowdown in the global economy.

But it is also the result of poor policy implementation, weaknesses in collective decision-making and the damaging effects of state capture and corruption. We must act now – boldly, decisively and collectively – to change the trajectory of our economy and our country. We need a new deal for jobs, growth and transformation.

This new deal must bring together government, business, labour and civil society in a meaningful social compact to build a prosperous, just society founded on opportunities for all. It must be guided by the National Development Plan, the policies of the ANC and the electoral mandate which we have received from our people.

No meaningful growth, transformation or development will be possible for as long as key public institutions continue to be used for the criminal benefit of a few and public resources continue to be looted. It is therefore necessary to take immediate steps to remove from positions of responsibility those individuals who have facilitated state capture, strengthen law enforcement agencies and rebuild critical state institutions.

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