The opening address by Professor of Robotics and Megatronics, former President of the African News Agency and former Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Arthur Mutambara, was a clarion call to South Africans to execute the vision of the NDP. How do we do this? How do we move from A to B? Execution is strategy and for strategy to work it must have:

1. A unique value proposition
2. Distinctive activities linked to the value proposition
3. Trade-offs – what will you do differently? What will you give up to achieve your strategy?
4. Mutually reinforcing activities which enable delivery
5. Long term continuity – you need continuous improvement but the direction will not change

The NDP must be linked to the continental vision – Agenda 2063. We have 1.1 billion Africans – a great market for Russia, China and the US. We need to think continentally. Think Africa!

The keynote address by Dr Mathews Phosa took us back to our foundations and our roots – the Freedom Charter. He emphasised the need to work together to solve our problems and achieve the South Africa we all deserve. The keynote address by Deputy Minister in the Presidency Buti Manamela detailed the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals which reflect both the NDP and Agenda 2063. A vibrant panel discussion listed the must-haves for execution of Vision 2030 – these included the reduction of the public sector into a lean agile servant leader; the alignment of business and government; a sense of patriotism; the mobilisation of SMMEs; developing the rural economy and transformation of the education system. We are running out of time – there are only 13 years to go to ensure the eradication of poverty. Delegates left revitalised with a renewed sense of purpose – because the NDP will only work if we all pull together.

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