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SENTECH offers signal distribution services to most of the country’s licensed broadcasters which include the Public Broadcaster, Commercial and Community Broadcasters. We also offer facilities leasing to those operators looking for the best geographic operations that offer broad signal coverage.


SENTECH SOC Limited is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) operating in the broadcasting signal distribution and telecommunications sectors and reporting to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services.

SENTECH began as a technical division of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (“SABC”) responsible for signal distribution services of the Corporation. In 1992, the SABC corporatised the division as SENTECH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporation.

In 1996, the SENTECH Act 63 of 1996 was amended, converting SENTECH into a separate public company responsible for providing broadcasting signal distribution services as a ‘common carrier’ to licensed television and radio broadcasters.

SENTECH is licensed to provide Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Services (ECS) services as stipulated under the Electronic Communications Act (ECA).

SENTECH is all about connecting you to the world and connecting the world to you


A global enabler of broadcasting and digital content delivery.


To enable our customers to reach their audiences anywhere through innovation.


Integrity: We act with honesty, fairness and openness;

Quality Customer Service: We are committed to proactively ensuring high values of customer satisfaction and building a relationship based on trust;

Innovation: We endeavour to develop and support creativity and responsible risk-taking;

Accountability: We deliver on our promises and take responsibility for our actions; and

Social Responsibility: We endeavour to fulfill our mandate in a manner that benefits our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment in all the areas that the Company operates in.

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