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Established in 2005, Qhubeka Forensic Services (Pty) Ltd (Qhubeka) is a premier blackowned and managed forensic investigation practice servicing both the public and private sectors. Since its inception, Qhubeka has achieved major successes in a variety of forensic disciplines and prides itself in executing its services with the utmost integrity, excellence, impartiality and accuracy, and as a result, has become reputable in the industry for its quality services.

Qhubeka believes in the transformation of our South African society and as such, is dedicated to contributing to the growth of employment as well as investing in meaningful social initiatives. Its organic growth and investment in training and development of young graduates and small businesses is testament to this.

Qhubeka Forensic Services is a well-established company that focuses on Forensic Audit and Accounting, Forensic Investigations, Fraud Risk Management, Legal Support and Data Analytics. Attributed to its success, is its rich understanding of the increasingly sophisticated white-collar crimes in South Africa, and the recognition that this necessitates the utilisation of efficient and effective forensic investigative tools, techniques and expertise to provide invaluable and constructive solutions to combat and mitigate against these commercial crimes and irregularities.


Qhubeka’s mission is to provide dynamic and effective forensic auditing, investigation services and verification to our clients to combat, detect and prevent fraud, theft, corruption and disciplinary irregularities.


Qhubeka’s vision is to be the beacon for setting optimal standards in forensic auditing and investigation services and to provide best value services and solutions.


• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Financial
• Logistics
• Distribution and Supply chain
• Government
• Parastatal


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