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People Resource Planning Solutions is a management enabling tool that empowers managers to improve people productivity and the bottom-line. Our solution provides real productivity solutions with real results, in real-time.

Globally unique, PRP is the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for people productivity management. It is a management enabler that allows you to optimally plan, organise and control.

Proudly South African, PRP, previously known as K-log, was born out of a joint venture between the Kelly Group (staffing company) and Sitwala (technology company). The initial objective behind the business was to automate the time management and payroll process of the Kelly Group in order to add value to clients by saving management time and eliminating errors. It soon became evident that a much larger and broader opportunity was emerging for real-time automated workforce management solutions.

PRP Solutions is now a fully-fledged People Resource Planning (PRP) solution enabling managers to manage large workforces remotely, in real-time and in diverse work environments for organisations with widespread geographical footprints. From day one, PRP Solutions has been delivered as a cloud-based solution, the most effective delivery model for Software as a Service (SaaS). It is cost-effective and provides users with instant ROI.

We service a world-class client base which includes companies such as Mango, Telkom, MTN, Vodacom, Bidvest, Absa, and SAB Miller among others. We have saved these clients between 10-30% in unplanned overtime costs, 5-15% on payroll costs and have improved productivity by up to 15% simply by eliminating inefficiencies. These figures equate to a payback of at least ten times the monthly cost on a monthly basis.

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