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The Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC) is a national, multi-stakeholder advisory body chaired by the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa. It is managed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Training. The HRDC was established in March 2010 to facilitate conditions that promote the optimal participation of all stakeholders in the planning, stewardship, monitoring and evaluation of HRD activities in the country. Membership is based on a five-year term and is constituted by a number of Government Ministers, senior business leaders, representatives from organised labour and academia as well as civil society who serve on the HRD Council. One of the Council’s key responsibilities is to build the human resource development base required to ensure a prosperous and inclusive South African society and economy, focusing on the development of strategy. Council creates a platform where social partners can engage to find ways to address bottlenecks in the development of human resources and skills in South Africa. In essence, it must ensure that all relevant policies, programmes, projects, interventions and strategies are streamlined and optimised to support overall government objectives rather than merely sectoral imperatives.

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