Vision 2030 Awards

20 Judges

600 Attendees

10 Award Categories

19 September 2019 | Emperors Palace

About Vision 2030 Awards

The annual Vision 2030 Awards honour the achievements and share the success stories of organisations, enterprises and individuals that are actively demonstrating alignment to the government’s Nine-Point Plan to boost economic growth and achieve the milestones set by the National Development Plan (NDP).

Leading by example, the winners showcased by these Awards inspire their peers and all stakeholders nationwide to pledge commitment to the NDP – not in words alone but in actions that move the nation forward.

The judging Process: How it Works

Submit your Entry

Companies and individuals submit their entry forms to our Nominations Team, indicating which category they wish to enter – and why they feel they deserve to qualify as a Finalist.

Check the Criteria

To enter, they need to comply with set criteria (eg annual turnover, empowerment credentials or other stipulated measurables). Our Research Department checks on these criteria.

Choose the Category

Awards Entrants are able to enter two awards categories – one an organisational category, and the other an individual category (e.g. a company might enter for ‘Business of the Year’, while also entering its CEO for ‘CEO of the Year’).

We Validate the Entries

Our Nominations, Research and Editorial Teams collaborate to validate all entries according to both the objective, analytical pre-set qualification criteria, as well as the entrants’ written motivations. This results in a long-list of Awards Finalists.

Finalists Announced

Finalists’ names are released to the public and, at the same time, handed over to the pre-assembled external Judging Panel, comprised of independent industry experts relevant to the focus area of the Awards.

Congratulations are in order

Finalists are sent their congratulatory letters and Finalist Packs, containing customisable press release material and digital accreditation badges.

Judges receive their packs

The Judges are provided with Judging Packs containing everything they need to know about each Finalist – performance metrics, qualification data, written motivation – as well as official Scoring Sheets and guidelines for how to score the Finalists.

Judges are assigned

Individual Judges are assigned 2-3 Awards Categories to judge, so that the categories are spread across the Judging Panel.

Finalists are reviewed

The Judging Process is largely completed online – except for the Judges’ Review Forum – where the Judges come together with all Finalists in the Individual Awards Categories for one day, to give Finalists a chance to outline their achievements in person, to the Judges. The Judges Review Forum takes place in Johannesburg 1-2 months before the Awards.

Judges Decide

The Judges have a further few days to finalise their decisions and submit their lists of Winners to our Nominations Team, where they are stored away securely until the Awards Winners are announced on the night of the Awards Ceremony. For further queries on the Research or Judging Process, please contact (Research) or

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Awards Categories

Organisational Awards

Powering South Africa Award

This award goes to a company that has successfully implemented energy solutions to accelerate the NDP. Entrants must outline the implementation of a cost-effective, innovative product or process that provides solutions towards resolving the energy crisis — through design improvements, resources reduction or control — and/or reduces emissions to air, water or land; thus reducing environmental impact. The approach must be scalable and practically applicable to other facilities or products.

Agriculture Award

The NDP estimates that the agriculture sector could potentially create one million jobs by 2030. This award goes to an organisation driving demonstrable economic advances across sustainable agriculture, agri-processing, fisheries and small enterprise development.

Mineral Award

This award showcases organisations that have been successful in the promotion of, or provision of, local beneficiation, development and community upliftment. The award is open to all mining, oil, gas, and alternative energy companies that can display progress in leveraging mineral wealth to contribute to socioeconomic improvement in line with the NDP’s goals.

Infrastructure Development Award

The nation cannot move forward without the upgrade, expansion and maintenance of integrated infrastructure. This award recognises organisations involved in innovative, sustainable and efficiency-enhancing infrastructure development. The scope of the award includes roads and railways, ports, energy, ICT, water and sanitation, housing, access to basic services, healthcare and education.

Science and Technology Award

For this award, the judges will identify an organisation that is making significant headway in overcoming the challenges facing the South African science, technology and innovation sector -– including human capital development and the continuous modernisation of scientific infrastructure such as laboratories and IT equipment – with the aim of rapidly unlocking the potential of science, technology and innovation to contribute to economic growth.

Healthcare Award

The winner will demonstrate excellence in addressing urgencies within the six elements of the district-level health system: service delivery, workforce, information dissemination, medical products, vaccines and technologies, and improved health financing. This organisation will be enabling better health outcomes in terms of equity and quality, responsiveness, social cohesion, financial risk protection and improved efficiencies.

Education Award

Entrants may work in childhood development, basic education, further education and training, or higher education. Entrants should demonstrate commitment to the national vision for education, and successful outcomes within five focus areas:

  • enabling improved educational and scientific achievement
  • building a qualified, committed teaching, academic and research core
  • expediting education infrastructure development
  • increasing the number of highly- skilled education sector professionals
  • contributing to an improved national educational system overall

Government Awards

Industrial Action Plan Award

Government’s Industrial Policy Action Plan  is one of the key pillars of transformation in South Africa. This award is aimed at a government department or public institution who has achieved sustainable economic growth and brought structural change to the economy. The award winner will have prioritised labour-intensive sectors with a view to increase job opportunities; increased their participation in global value chains and broadened economic participation by using the IPAP framework.

Individual Awards

Driver for Change Award

Leading the organisations, industrial giants and government departments spearheading the aims of the NDP are men and women who embody commitment in action to Vision 2030 aims and outcomes. This individual award, a highlight of the awards ceremony, will go to an individual whom the judges unanimously agree to be a force for change; passionate about national development in line with the NDP, and fully on-board for the journey to 2030. The award winner, from either the public or private sector, will hold the respect of the highest decision-makers at the forefront of development.

SMMEs Awards

SMME Award


This award is open to SMMEs across, all sectors, that demonstrate innovation and success, along with a positive impact on the lives of ordinary South Africans, e.g. job creation or accelerating local/national Development. General criteria: turnover of R10-million – R35-million; positive financial year-on-year growth; operational for more than two years; Level 1 – 4 scorecard. Otherwise: 50.1% black ownership with a demonstrably strong B-BBEE scorecard.

Awards Entry Criteria

Please read the below entry criteria carefully, before choosing your selected awards category from the list that follows and completing your online entry.

Annual revenue generated must be above R35 million, unless otherwise specified.

Only companies with a valid SANAS B-BBEE Certificate will be considered for entry. Additional information may be required of your organisation where relevant:

Eligibility Criteria


  • Number of employees year-on-year 2014, 2015, 2016 or evidence
    of employment  creation
  • Audited annual turnover for financial years 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Procurement from local suppliers for financial years  2014, 2015, 2016
  • Skills development spend on critical skills and/or core skills as a percentage  of turnover for financial years  2014, 2015, 2016

General Criteria

  • The quality of your entry’s content is critical to the judging process.
  • Keep information brief and succinct. Motivations must not exceed 1 200 words.
  • Do not use press release material.
  • Supporting documentation that is not accompanied by a motivation
    will not be read.
  • All entrants will be reviewed on these general criteria, as well as the following eligibility criteria.

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