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Our Future, Our Plan – Demonstrating Commitment

Unpacking the National Development Plan from both private and public sector perspectives.

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The Vision 2030 Summit and Awards aims to

Raise awareness and position the NDP as a South African plan and not merely a government plan.
Unpack the NDP into an easy-to-understand, practical document; outlining how government departments, provinces, municipalities, state-owned enterprises and agencies are aligning themselves to it.
Promote and encourage public-private partnership investment opportunities in provincial and local government.

Discover innovations, solutions, plans and initiatives that can help fast-track the realisation
of goals set by the business and investor communities.

Reinforce private and public sector support for and commitment to the NDP.
Take stock of where we are, where we should be, and the way forward for the nation to achieve its NDP objectives.

The most important leadership gathering of our time.

Topco Media is hosting the third annual Vision 2030 Summit from

21 – 22 June 2017 at Birchwood in Johannesburg

The Summit is supported by our strategic partner, Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).

The annual Vision 2030 platform includes a coffee table Publication and the Summit. In addition, 2017 sees the introduction of the first Vision 2030 Awards to complement the Summit. The spirit of Vision 2030 – initially endorsed in 2014 by the National Planning Commission – has three core objectives:
  • Make the NDP accessible to all South Africans through our Publication
  • Bring public and private sector stakeholders together in partnership to expedite realisation of the NDP’s goals through our Summit
  • Stimulate greater private sector participation by showcasing organisations making strides in the name of the NDP through our Awards

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The Vision 2030 publication, summit and awards series examine, outline,

and unpack the National Development Plan from

both private and public sector perspectives.

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The theme for 2017 is ‘Our Future, Our Plan – Demonstrating Commitment’.


At the Vision 2030 Summit, there will be crucial representation from all key decision-makers in both the public and private sectors. We believe that it is only through extensive Public-Private Partnership that South Africa, come 2030, will be the country envisioned by the National Development Plan.


“The people of South Africa have journeyed far since the long lines of our first democratic election on 27 April 1994, when we elected a government for us all.”  Yet, looking ahead, there is still much to be done – and not much time.


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